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Your endorsement will help us reach Floridians across the state and urge them to Vote Yes on 9.

Join us in endorsing Amendment 9, which will be on the 2018 November ballot. We believe the successful passage of Amendment 9 will be a historic moment in Florida’s history and we want you to be a part of it.

This statewide campaign will safeguard Florida's economic vitality and environment by constitutionally prohibiting oil and gas drilling in Florida’s state waters (up to three miles offshore in the Atlantic and nine miles offshore in the Gulf). Drilling in our state waters is already prohibited by state statute, however, the Florida Legislature can easily change that. In fact, the Florida Legislature has made several attempts to do just that.

To become an endorsing organization fill out the form below or download the PDF and send the completed form to Sarah Gledhill. If you need additional information please contact Sarah at 904-347-6490 and we will answer any questions you may have.

YES! We/I endorse Protect Our Coasts (Amendment 9) to constitutionally prohibit oil and gas drilling in Florida’s territorial waters and include the undersigned on the public list of endorsers.

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Top photo: Florida Coral Reed | Greg Grimes [FlickrCC]