Protect Our Economy

Amendment 9 Will Protect Our Economy


The most popular activities for U.S. visitors to Florida are beach or waterfront activities.

Our beaches are our brand and are the primary attraction for the approximately 18.6 million tourists to the state each year.

Florida Bay supports a 59 million dollar shrimp fishery and 22 million dollar stone crab fishery.

Beach | Credit: FLDEP
Florida Beach | Credit: FLDEP

Florida is the leading state in the U.S. cruise industry, with over 6 million embarking passengers a year. Passengers, crew and cruise line companies spent billions in Florida every year.

More than 75% of Floridians live in coastal counties, which only make up 57 % of the land, but contribute over $584 billion in gross regional product to Florida’s economy in 2010, or 79 % of the state's economy. The annual economic impact of recreational saltwater fishing is $6.9 billion based on marine anglers’ expenditures of $3.9 billion in 2011 which support 65,212 jobs. There are over 2.4 million saltwater anglers in Florida, with total revenue topping $25 million from recreational fishing license sales, and boating tops $16.8 billion and contributes 203,000 jobs.

Offshore drilling threatens nearly 610,000 jobs and roughly $37.4 billion in GDP in Florida.

Vote YES on Amendment 9 on November 6th!

Top photo: Florida Driftwood | Rick Schwartz [FlickrCC]